Round Robin Test

Round Robin Test

Anomaly and fault detection optimizes the operational management of wind farms by using automated evaluations to point out potential faults. This increases the efficiency of operational management, reduces outages and improves the reliability of turbine operation. In addition, anomaly detection enables predictive maintenance, which leads to lower maintenance costs. Reduced downtimes also reduce the levelized cost of energy.
Evaluating the quality of anomaly detection software is a non-trivial issue and so far publications have highlighted case studies where successful fault detection has been possible. A standardized benchmark for such approaches does not yet exist. For this reason, data from different types of turbines from different wind farms will be made available to the participants in this challenge.


The aim of the challenge is to detect anomalies in sensor data (from SCADA systems) from wind turbines.


The data consists of sensor data with a 10-minute resolution from different system types – low-dimensional (~50 measurements, or ~80 features) and high-dimensional (~240 measurements or ~950 features). There are also labels with the operating mode (normal operation, throttled, switched off for service, etc.) and error information.

More detailed information on datasets and evaluation can be found here.

Why participate in the round robin test?

The round robin test offers:

  • A standardized benchmark of the software.
  • Identification of strengths of anomaly detection.
  • Evaluation of the models on data with a higher level of detail and scope than is available in other public datasets.
  • Comparison of model performance on different wind farms (low-dimensional and high-dimensional)
  • Neutral evaluation of own products/methods can be used for marketing purposes


  • 04.03.2024: Start of the challenge. Data will be available via a download link sent to all participants.
  • 22.03.2024 23:59h: Registration closes.
  • 31.03.2024 23:59h: Submission deadline.
  • 08.04.2024 – 19.04.2024 (to be announced): Results and final event.


To register, please send an e-mail with the subject “Application Round Robin ADWENTURE” to and tell us your institution/company, contact details and a contact person.

We will then send you further information.

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